Monday, April 25, 2011

Maple & Charlie

My painting is a portrait of two dogs, Maple and Charlie on an old bronze double bicycle. I did this painting for Emily, who I work with. She is the Visual Manager at Anthropologie, Brinton Lake. I wanted to use something unique to Brinton Lake's Anthro in Emily's painting. Since she is our visual manager I choose the old double bicycle, which is a visual prop sometimes used at our store. In the photo its sitting in the hallway in the back of the store... It doesn't look too glamorous here, but its actually a really neat old bike, especially when its on display. Maple (brown/girl )and Charlie (gray/boy) are Emily's two small dogs. They are so cute in this photo. In my painting they are on a spring outing to a picnic with bread, wine and glasses. Maples bow matches the cloth covering the picnic basket. The seats on the bike have the same white covers with red stitching ( a bit hard to see in the photo). The handle bars are yellow and are in two different styles. This painting was done in gouache and acrylic paint on watercolor paper. 10x14in.

Bunnies and chicks

I used these as easter cards this year : )

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cupcake Logo

I was commissioned to come up with a logo for a starting cupcake company called "Ever So Sweet". I painted this happy little cupcake with heart on top, then added digital color. The font was hand drawn. I think its simple but sweet. Smile.