Thursday, November 19, 2009

Word Picture

When my cousin, Ashley, Came to visit, she asked me to do a piece just for her. I was happy to.
So, I asked her to look threw my old sketch books in order to get an idea of what she wanted.
I was surprised with what she chooses. In an old sketch book, I had filled the back pages with band names and songs I was listening to at the time. Just for memories sake.
I thought nothing of it. I don’t use any reference to texts. She decided she liked writing the best.
So I did this piece of all text, in black marker pens.
In order to keep it personal. All the words written describe her and her life,
(we came up with those together)
I’m happy with how it turned out, I do think its cute.
I mailed it to her in Florida (her home) and She put it in that little black frame. Aww.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday Invitations- Turtle with gifts

A Freelance job I did recently, for a fan of turtles.

I purposely put the turtle in the lower right corner of the cards instead of centering him. I suppose this gives it that “ modern off center look”. ! .
They’re going to be used Birthday Party invitations.
Its important to me to be able come up with an image that both kids and their parents will like.
I decided to go with more muted colors since they seem to print
better on off-white-
which I knew I would be using for the cards.
Anyway I do hope I get time to work on my website.

This is the completed project
A pack of about 30 cards altogether ready to be sent out.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

“Halloween Song” or a Halloween wedding painting

About a month ago my friend Liz asked that I do a painting. Liz was the maid of honor in an upcoming wedding. She commissioned the artwork, to give as a present. I finished this painting several weeks ago but have been waiting until after Halloween to post it. Believe it or not this is the first original painting I have ever sold. I have sold prints and cards, but never an original.

Illustration Process

Above is the original sketch
Below A Digital Color study

Studio picture

In the painting, a skeleton couple is playing a song on Halloween night.
The swirl hill in the background is homage to The Nightmare before Christmas. Liz did ask that I put something in the painting in relation to the movie. Although the groom skeleton is in a tux, I didn’t want to paint the bride in a wedding dress. So, I went with a peach and orange dress with stitches. A scarf and bow I added as a lucky “something blue”. (From the traditional wedding rhyme). A black rose bouquet was the last detail to the finished painting. Liz had the original art framed to give as a wedding gift.


Congratulations and best wishes to Amanda and Matt.