Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wild dog Illustration Series

For greeting cards or postcard series.
These are wild dogs or "coyote like" dogs from around the world. Each dog is playing a musical instrument from their region.

Coyote and Pow Wow Drum
"Tom Tom Tum, the Coyote plays the drum at the Pow Wow."
Dingo and Didgeridoo
"Down under the Dingo is a master of the Didgeridoo."
African Wild Dog and Djembe
"The Djembe is the favorite drum of the African wild dog."
Dhole and Sitar
"The Indian Dhole plays requests on the Sitar"
Culpeo and Antara
" The Peruvian Culepo toots the Antara, a pan flute"
Jackal and Oud
"In the middle east the Jackal plucks the oud."

Back of card
Below are black and white spot illustrations of the instruments along with a little fact about each. This makes the greeting card informational :D

^ Instrument on the back

sorry, photos are a bit fuzzy ...

I did a good amount of research for this project on music but also cultural art. The backgrounds are my own painted renditions of cultural artwork. The most challenging was the Moroccan themed "Jackal and Oud" since most middle eastern art is mosaic.

The Inspiration for this series came from a simple question I wondered while on my trip to Yellowstone. What is a Coyote? Its not a wolf and its not a fox. Coyote was probably the main inspiration for the series I wanted to Illustrate him in Native American Clothing. As my sketches proceeded I lost that idea and gave him a drum. I kept the feathers in his ear. After some Coyote type dog and Instrument research I came up with the series. I'm so happy with the turn out and intend to make these submissions.
Thanks If you stuck it out through this very long blog post. :D