Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whale Fortune Buttons

This is something I came up with pretty fast. They came from quick 2in drawings I colored digitally. I have had an Obsession with whales for several months now. So I wanted to put some whales on buttons. There are 12 designs. There are almost all major types of whales represented including a Whale Shark.!, which isn't really a ...well its still whale like. I hope to send some buttons to clients and potential clients along with my promos. Just for fun. I decided to make each whale have a small fortune or have some meaning. ( I kinda made these up. Hee). So each whale pin comes in a little cello bag with a list "Your Whale" The lists are super tiny but readable. They fold so the seal-emblem is in the front. You can kinda make it out int he pictures. Oh are oh so cute.
More whales...

Monday, March 26, 2012

KRAFT project: Its A Party Grilled Cheese

Here is my Recipe

This Illustration was for Kraft Singles and grilled cheese cut into triangles. My mom would call the triangles "boats" when she would make them for me when I was little.

Ahh, I love this cow, He's Party'n . My favorite parts about him are... everything!... but really his little flag and the streamer he is dragging on his back hoof.

KRAFT project: South west three cheese chicken

This was the main product.
I loved drawing all the little elements to this. So Fun.

Here is the whole illustration

The Tumble weed was my favorite part.

One KRAFT Project Idea...

I did this illustration for the TDAC Kraft project with the intent to add a recipe to it. The illustration was for a spinach dip you eat with Triscuit crackers. But I was not in love with the illustration. So since I had the option to choose any recipe I switched my idea and my recipe. I just thought I would share it on my blog.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Travel Article

This is an article I did spot illustrations for . It was for Meredith Corp. and was printed in Publix "Family Style" I did this article a while ago I just never put it on my blog. Until now. Yay. They asked me to to keep the i- pod and computer screens blank so they could drop things into them. But I did illustrate this i- phone's GPS below. The article is about using technology to help you travel, basically. The woman who's portrait I illustrated wrote a blog about travel.

Align Center

Below are a few illustrations close up. There are more above in the Print copy. I just now realized how much they brightened the colors in these pictures in the print copy.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wire Faces for Anthropologie

Just something fun and different--- Last week I made these wire faces for my work at Anthropologie (Brinton Lake-Glen Mills, PA). Super Special thanks to our Display Coordinator Kristina who will be spray painting them and installing them in the store! These wire portraits were inspired by American artist Alexander Calder's wire work.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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