Friday, March 23, 2012

Travel Article

This is an article I did spot illustrations for . It was for Meredith Corp. and was printed in Publix "Family Style" I did this article a while ago I just never put it on my blog. Until now. Yay. They asked me to to keep the i- pod and computer screens blank so they could drop things into them. But I did illustrate this i- phone's GPS below. The article is about using technology to help you travel, basically. The woman who's portrait I illustrated wrote a blog about travel.

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Below are a few illustrations close up. There are more above in the Print copy. I just now realized how much they brightened the colors in these pictures in the print copy.

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  1. Hello Kaitlyn,
    I saw your work over at TDAC and I had to come and visit your site. It's beautiful. The work is amazing and so colorful. I really like your style and the line work is simply delicious. Wishing you all the best for a win.