Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whale Fortune Buttons

This is something I came up with pretty fast. They came from quick 2in drawings I colored digitally. I have had an Obsession with whales for several months now. So I wanted to put some whales on buttons. There are 12 designs. There are almost all major types of whales represented including a Whale Shark.!, which isn't really a ...well its still whale like. I hope to send some buttons to clients and potential clients along with my promos. Just for fun. I decided to make each whale have a small fortune or have some meaning. ( I kinda made these up. Hee). So each whale pin comes in a little cello bag with a list "Your Whale" The lists are super tiny but readable. They fold so the seal-emblem is in the front. You can kinda make it out int he pictures. Oh are oh so cute.
More whales...


  1. Very cute and a great idea as a little extra promo, I'm liking the narwhal with his pointy nose!x

  2. My sister's favorite whale is a narwhal! Are you selling these anywhere?