Wednesday, November 4, 2009

“Halloween Song” or a Halloween wedding painting

About a month ago my friend Liz asked that I do a painting. Liz was the maid of honor in an upcoming wedding. She commissioned the artwork, to give as a present. I finished this painting several weeks ago but have been waiting until after Halloween to post it. Believe it or not this is the first original painting I have ever sold. I have sold prints and cards, but never an original.

Illustration Process

Above is the original sketch
Below A Digital Color study

Studio picture

In the painting, a skeleton couple is playing a song on Halloween night.
The swirl hill in the background is homage to The Nightmare before Christmas. Liz did ask that I put something in the painting in relation to the movie. Although the groom skeleton is in a tux, I didn’t want to paint the bride in a wedding dress. So, I went with a peach and orange dress with stitches. A scarf and bow I added as a lucky “something blue”. (From the traditional wedding rhyme). A black rose bouquet was the last detail to the finished painting. Liz had the original art framed to give as a wedding gift.


Congratulations and best wishes to Amanda and Matt.

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