Monday, May 3, 2010

On Beaches

This is everything that reminds me of the beach in a pattern-like painting. This was done with Gouache and acrylic on heavy water color paper. I painted five beach birds, including a black headed gull ( I always see these at the Jersey shore, they are those noisy small seagulls that aren’t afraid to steal your grapes. ) Also a common seagull, a black beaked brown gull and a sand piper ( the little beach birds).Finally a Pelican, because I love them most.- ( you wont see them in Jersey or Delaware ). Other elements in the painting are a blue crab, a horseshoe crab , hermit crab, six shells including a conch and mussel, different seaweeds, a piece of drift wood and a starfish. I am glad it’s almost time for the beach.

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