Monday, July 19, 2010


The original painting is 9x13 done in gouache and acrylic on watercolor paper.
I was asked by a friend to do a more whimsical painting with people. Several years ago while in school I painted mostly whimsical things. I remember once I painted a dragon with a picnic table tied to his back for picnickers. I feel my work grew away from being this whimsical over the last couple years; I would like to bring it back into my work. Just a little bit. While working on this painting I listened to the sound track to The Darjeeling Limited the Wes Anderson movie that takes place in India. Some inspiring music for a painting featuring an Indian tiger. I’m debating going back and re-painting the tigers eye. His eye is a little different from eyes I usually paint - (Just ovals…Hehe) but part of me likes the fact that it’s a little different.

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