Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nine Ball Players

This is a piece I did for spring. It is a whole team of nine baseball players in striped uniforms, including caps. It’s much like a pattern of animals and objects. The animals I choose for the team (ha) are giraffe, elephant, kangaroo, turtle, donkey, bear (who, I think I like the most ) goose, pelican and gator . The other elements in the picture are baseball related. Some grass tuffs, small diamond shapes, a bat , base ball , home plate , baseball mitt ( ~~ which I placed right above the elephants trunk~ because I think it would be most awesome for an elephant to be holding a baseball mitt, its too funny an idea! I might do a follow up piece with just elephants and baseball…heehee ) Everything was painted on the same piece of water color paper the only things added by computer were the diamonds because they were a last minute detail I decided to use . The “All Stars” lettering under the bear was also added afterward. I think I will put this image on my etsy for the spring.

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